The Fight and Talk Show

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The Fight and Talk Show: The Return of Black Canary Lora Lance

Lora has some of her toughest fights yet. Lora did an amazing demonstration of her abilities in the last show. She is up for an even bigger challenge. There are lots of trash talk back and forth. Lora is always cocky throughout.

Black Canary Lora Lance- the TV show

2 reviews for The Fight and Talk Show

  1. Fred

    My custom, and a follow up to Black Canary Lora Lance – the TV show. There she fought one strong android. Here she is invitee back to demonstrate her abilities — but now she is up against three enhanced androids and the moderator, who applies some unfair methods on top of that! Of course she is cocky as ever — but can she handle it this time? Lets just say, this is going to be one of her toughest tests yet. Watch and enjoy! A very creatively and professionally executed video, with extra effects. Excellent work and recommended to all who want to see a cocky heroine getting into more trouble than she bargained for. The outfit and leotard/body has been used in most of the recent Black Canary Lora videos.

  2. Andrea

    Again a super performance of Lora …..
    She can overcome any challenge ….
    I love Black Canary Lora Lance the invincible.

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