The Humiliation

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In this video, Lora will be mostly dominating the guys. She doesn’t make them just fall — they are tough opponents —- but they do not manage to hit her much, unless she lets them. There are lots of fights with Lora controlling the guys: in chokeholds, with her leg pinning one to the wall, with a leg choking one guy while standing, on the floor with her legs wrapped around the neck or necks and choking them, etc.. Repeatedly, just when she could finish them off, she lets them go and give them another chance — because she wants to humiliate them.

2 reviews for The Humiliation


    This video is awesome!!! Black Canary Lora litelary humiliates the three strong men. They aren’t a real match for her …… she is invincible.
    There are some original ideas and a lot of fight ……. and as we know Lora’s fighting is unstoppable …….

  2. Fred

    She utterly destroys these three criminals. She cockily lets them beat her with bats and giving them other handicaps, but they just can’t beat her. She utterly humiliates them. Wonderful video: excellent work ( and my custom ) and highly recommended for all who enjoy a cocky superheroine easily handling multiple opponents. If you like her body/leotard here, also check out Black Canary Lora vs Mr Steelhammer and four thugs or Black Canary Lora and the girl smuggling ring on this site as well as some older videos you can find elsewhere.

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