The return of Wonder Lora (Scene 2)

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Scene 2 (extended scene from the THE RETURN OF WONDER LORA “The Trap” movie) Lora Princess eliminates 2 bad guys at her apartment. She is is trapped into the bearhug, but gets released and finally finshes the bad guys with her perfect legs.

1 review for The return of Wonder Lora (Scene 2)

  1. Marcos

    The extra footage from scene 2 was made exactly according to my Wonder Lora storyline!!!♥
    Lora showed a lot of energy in her fighting scene and jeopardy scene….!♥ Lora is a great actress she can do any scene, she can be dangerous, and also she can come in jeopardy, this video has a lot is camera angles and close-ups very nice, I can say Lora’s cameraman did a great job here…!♥
    Otto actor was very expressive when he was hurting Lora with his bearhug and when Lora beat him up.
    Thanks a lot, ♥Lora♥ always I love work with you…!!♥♥♥

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