The return of Wonder Lora (Scene 6)

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Scene 6 (extended scene from the THE RETURN OF WONDER LORA “The Trap” movie) Wonder Lora fights with evil Dr. Ashley Steel. In order to win Dr. Ashley asks The Hangman to hel her. He tortures Wonder Lora by his powerful bearhug untils she is off.

2 reviews for The return of Wonder Lora (Scene 6)

  1. Marcos

    A great jeopardy scene, in this scene Wonder Lora is torturing by The Hangman until she can’t take anymore, and still, The Hangman continuous hurting Wonder Lora even when Wonder Lora is helpless, this scene is the same as my Wonder Lora storyline, where The Hangman tries to break into two Wonder Lora, while the evil Dr. Ashely enjoys watching as hurting to Wonder Lora.
    In this scene, Lora showed a fantastic performance, her screams of pain and facial expressions were greats!!! while The Hangman was torturing her with all those wrestling holds.
    ♥Ashley♥ has a lovely evil smile, I loved it, also she looks very hot in her red outfit…!♥
    Igor resembles The Hangman from my storylines, a tall and very burly man with an evil face.
    Lora’s cameraman did a great job here, angles and close-ups were all focused on the jeopardy scene!!!
    Thanks so much, ♥Lora♥ always a pleasure to work with you…!!♥♥

  2. Azlance94

    We really need more villainess like Dr. Ashley. <3
    I really like the "evil scientist with labcoat" trope in villainess related plot and what would make it even better? When their plan was foiled and ruined.

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