The return of Wonder Lora “The Trap”

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The agent Department of Defense Lora Princess is tracking to Dr. Ashley Steel to investigate the evil experiments that she practices in men, Lora Princess had sent 2 of her best partners to follow her, but Dr. Ashley trapped them, interrogate, and killed them with help of her strong man The Hangman. Dr. Ashley Steel sent 2 of her henchmen to eliminate Lora Princess, but she wasn’t an easy target, and Lora Princess eliminates them, now she knows where to find the evil Dr. Ashley Steel. Lora Princess is going to use her superheroine power as Wonder Lora to capture her, but in reality, it is a perfect trap prepared by Dr. Ashley Steel to catch to Wonder Lora.

1 review for The return of Wonder Lora “The Trap”

  1. Marcos

    ♥Lora♥ has made a lot of videos with superheroine’s stuff, Black Canary Lora, Cat Lora, Spider Lora, Super Lora, Lora The Lady Punisher, but something was missing here on Lora’s website, oh yeah “Wonder Lora”, ♥Lora♥ did a lot of Wonder Lora videos for me in other websites, so why not make more Wonder Lora videos for Lora’s website…? and yeah ♥Lora♥ was happy to shoot this video for me.
    The Wonder Lora’s outfit is my favorite and Wow! ♥Lora♥ looks fantastic on this one, this video has a lot of action and peril scenes, where ♥Lora♥ did her work as she knows to do it…!
    I’m happy with the great work that ♥Lora♥ and her team did, excellent fighting choreography, ♥Lora♥ puts a lot of energy into this, the camera job was great with a lot of angles and close-ups, and also Lora’s videos have great quality. Thanks very much, ♥Lora♥ for this great job, you and your team always know how to work my scripts, to bring up my storylines to a real video…! ♥Lora♥ I love your Wonder Lora outfit…!♥♥♥

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