The Rise of Lora. Part 1

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Sweet Lora works for an agency and a chauvinistic boss. She obeys him but he dismisses her efforts. She completes all his demands and is very obedient. When her boss finds out that a promotion is being offered, he is convinced that he is the perfect candidate. When he leaves for lunch, Lora reads the announcement and believes she should get the promotion.

When her boss returns, Lora is waiting for him. When he learns that Lora wants the promotion too, he laughs at her and tries to physically remove her. Lora easily subdues him each time he attacks her. Eventually, he is forced to submit to her superiority. She takes several ‘selfies’ on his cellphone to show how she is in complete control of her boss and how she can control him. She also shows how she can make beg her to be her slave.



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