Underground fight show. Sonya vs Betty. Part 2

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The main theme is underground women’s fights to the death. The video consists of five scenes. The camera focuses a lot on Sonia and her reactions.
Betty plays the role of a shy, modest girl, who is, on the surface, an absolute outsider. Nobody believes in her victory. But she will dominate in every scene. Through all the scenes, Betty has one motivation – she participates in these battles, only for the sake of revenge on Sonya, who killed her sister at one of the tournaments.

Underground fight show

Underground fight show. Sonya vs Betty. Part 1

1 review for Underground fight show. Sonya vs Betty. Part 2

  1. Donny

    This is a continuation of my custom. It’s always surprising that you execute a script with such detail. Every detail was taken into account. I always notice a very cool job with sound. Damn it, Sonya is incredibly beautiful! Her performance of the role is 100% as I expect. A real villainess from old action movies )

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