Louise lifts and carries Lora

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Sexy Lora got out of the shower. She is dressed in a bathrobe and sexy lingerie. Lora is barefoot and sits on the sofa. Knocking at the door. Here is Louise.
She is dressed in sexy dress and very high heels. Lora opens the door and is amazed by Louise’s height. Louise is mad at Lora, who has gone to bed, with her boyfriend. Louise tells Lora why her boyfriend cheated on her, with a girl shorter than her.
Louise shows Lora that she is much taller than her. Lora observes Louise from the bottom up.
After Louise proves to Lora that she is also strong. Louise picks up (cradle) Lora and carries her around the room. Lora tries to fight back, but she’s a little girl in the hands of a tall woman. Louise then holds Lora tightly.
Lora passes out in Louise’s arms( cradle).
Louise throws Lora on the sofa and leaves.

4 reviews for Louise lifts and carries Lora

  1. Mary Burns

    Lovely video, it is always nice to see a great cradle carry

  2. Cindy Taine

    I really love watching video with lift and carry , hope to see more lift and carry videos coming in the near future

  3. Frn

    Lift and carry videos are best! Especially domination like this.

  4. yuvraz

    Perfect video,
    I love Lora and have always wanted to see a woman carry her in her arms when she is unconscious

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