One-sided beatdown facepunching fistfight. Part 2

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This fight is the worst beating on Luna. In this fight it makes the first beating Luna good look like she got it easy. There is a mix of hard single punches with long combos. All the strikes are face punches or kicks to the face and all other type of hits to the face and head, like elbows, knees, headbutts, etc. There is no other type of hits – no bellypunching or bending, none of that. All the hits and strikes are done by Ashley. Luna never once lands a single hit on Ashley.

One-sided beatdown facepunching fistfight. Part 1

1 review for One-sided beatdown facepunching fistfight. Part 2

  1. Carlos

    Hello. This video is my custom. In some of my previous customs, Luna was the one who beated up other girls like Lora and Julia. I decided it would be fun to see Luna on the other side of a one-sided beating and then turn that to 11. This is the result. I love the video that Lady2Fight made for me. Ashley plays a total badass with gusto. Luna’s performance is something to behold, turning a beating into a sort of bloody ballet, a piece of beauty.
    I hope you guys like this video as much as i did receiving it. I believe you guys are for a treat with this one.
    Thank you Luna, Ashkey and everybody at Lady2Fight. Be well.

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