Sonya vs three thug. Part 3

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Sonya enters the location and comes across 3 separate guards taking them out with her karate skills , lots of kicks to head etc and kills them all with face sitting.

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1 review for Sonya vs three thug. Part 3

  1. man45L.FFan

    Its clear that Sonya is the most beatiful, sexiest and sweetest woman in the world. Excellent video from an excellent martial arts and karate expert girl.Amazing costumes…Sonya -specific fast and continous kicks, somersault scissors,karate kicks, judo throws, kickbox and muaythai kicks knee strikes and kicks…No woman enjoys beating up men as much as Sonya. Sonya does not just fight she has fun and play with men also. The end of the men wil fight with Sonya is clear: Going to hospital and dying under sonya’s sexy hips. The aspects of the video i didnt like were short and less femdom and no ballbusting and footkissing. These huge thugs can only be Sonya’s slaves and severs .İ will be look forward to SONYA VS THREE THUGS PART 4. Thank you Sonya and great team.

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