The practitioner of Karate

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This is a fight between Lora & Luna 1 on 1 fight until 1 is KO & HUMILIATE. Both opponents walk to the ring with there all white karate gi’s on & both are barefoot. Opponent 1 is Lora who is a black belt champion & opponent 2 is Luna who is a red belt champion of the world. They both take bow to each other, the bell rings Lora makes the first move with a punch but Luna dodge then came back with punch but Luna dodge it. Lora gets mad & throws another punch then Luna dodge & caught Lora with a uppercut cut sending her lala land with cross eye goofy look.

1 review for The practitioner of Karate

  1. Chauncey Petree

    I wanna thank y’all again for putting my fantasy custom match together the 2nd custom is gonna be awesome thank y’all again

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