The TV show: the prisoners

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4 prisoners can fight for being released, but will have 5 years added to their sentence, if they suffer a humiliating defeat. Of course, they will. The moderator will eventually help the prisoners, but it won’t help in the end.

Black Canary Lora Lance- the TV show

The Fight and Talk Show

2 reviews for The TV show: the prisoners

  1. Andrea

    Black Canary is back and she is more invincible then ever.
    I love her saga, she is sooo cool …..
    She is ready for new adventures showing her superior strenght and skill

  2. Fred

    Wonderful video! The guys are confident that they can beat a girl. Black Canary Lora is cocky as ever, meeting all challenges thrown at her by the audience with glee, even making them harder on herself to show that she is, truly, invincible. The guys get some blows in, it is not all easy, but they do not stand a chance. At the beginning, Lora is dressed in a karate gi, which, at the audience request, then takes off with some flair to reveal her Black Canary Lora outfit. My custom and so professionally made, as always!

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