Sonya vs three thug. Part 4

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Sonya is held captive by 3 guys and tied by her hands to a chair . One of the guys decides he wants to have some fun, so Sonya encourages him, he starts to rub his hands on her legs trying to see her panties. She says to him if he wants a close up of her panties.

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3 reviews for Sonya vs three thug. Part 4

  1. man45L.FFan

    SONIA the world’s most beatiful and sexiest fighter and karate expert showed off all her great skills. Sonia is definetely number one in fighting world.No woman does beating up men with ease , confident and pleasure like her. Sonia’s destroying and painful karate kicks ,chops and kickboxing knees are too much for these guys. Soni used these guys as her punching and kicking train mat in the video.The male extra players played very well. Everything seemed real. Compared to her first videos Sonia quickliy masters and improves her fighting skills.İ am lookig forward to SONIA v.s THREE THUGS or MORE THUGS Part 5. İ love you SONIA .Thank you team.You are the best.

  2. Kev

    Great clip , Sonya really does look the part , and destroys the guys with ease.

  3. man45L.FFan

    Fight scenes to be watched over and over in the video : 1- Neck thightening with Sonia- specific back flip sicssors.
    2- Sonia sitting on the muscular mans face with a scissors motion and hitting him repeatedly in the face. 3- Sonia grabbing the blond muscular mans arm and hitting his face serially with rapid kicks. 4-Sonia pinning the shot man to the wall with her foot and simultaneously beating the blonde man with karate chops. 5- Sonia grabbing the blonde man by the neck and beating him with reverse heel strikes. 6- Rapid and quick karate kicks by guys in the face and stomach typical only of Sonia. 7-Sonia grabbing the dark-muscled man by the hair and forcibly picking him up and continuing the beating with karate spin kicks. 8-Double BRuce Lee Kick by Sonia sitting of the back of the blond man she beat and hit 2 other poor men. 9-VanDamme style quick kicks from Sonia to the short man on the ground. 10 -Sonia’s flying kicks in the short man’s groin. 11- Sonia’s deadly, painful and inescepeable scissors, face sittings and karate, kickbox tekwando kicks and hits… ıN one word perfect. I just expect much more gymnastic and impossible Matrix kicks from Sonia . You are the best fighter . Better than Bruce Lee, Vandamme and Jackie Chan i think. Thank you team.

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